Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Survivors Employments

A hand written note on a copy of the ships plans says " This Steamer was sunk by a mine or torpedo off Beachy Head on 29th March 1918. All hands were lost with the exception of an Apprentice, Sailor & Gunner who were picked up after several hours in the water"

Another (printed) record states "Torpedoed and sunbk by the German Submarine UB57 at 3.45am three survivors were picked-up who were landed in Dover, the master being amongst those lost. Wreck lies in averahe depth of 30m on even keel oroientated E/W with the bow to the E. The Stern is intact but gun has fallen into the hull, her superstructure collapsed.

[Info from Alf Rodenby]

This ties in with the post of June 28th 2008 "TRT Survivors" (below) which names the survivors as :-

Apprentice - Alex Hardy Finnie b.1900 Aberdeen
Sailor - H Price (ABS)
Gunner - John Daly 27 years (b.1891?) of 58 Chapel Street, Newry

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