Friday, September 29, 2006

Sunday, September 24, 2006

Plan of Tower Hill Memorial

The names are located at E 21 on this plan right at the top!!

The Names of Crew at memorial

Apologies a bit blurred but they are located at the top!!! about 50ft up....

The Tower Hill Memorial

The names of Crew are on The Tower Hill Memorial.

Friday, September 15, 2006

T.R.T Anchor

T.R.T Anchor still in hawser


T.R.T Mooring Bollards

TRT prop

TRT Propeller
View of T.R.T stern looking up from sea bed

TRT images August 2005 Bank Holiday

Hull Plating

Images captured on last years memorable August Bank holiday Dive on the TRT taken by Matt Waterson.

Monday, September 11, 2006

TRT measuring exercise 25th August 2006

Our first attempt at measuring various pieces of the T.R.Thompson on the 25th highlighted how difficult measuring underwater can be. Having undertaken an N.A.S part one course a few years ago I had forgotten that measuring underwater is completely different to measuring on land.

Partnering up with Jim H we decided on what to measure before the dive and who was doing what. I had the easier job of just reeling off the tape whilst Jim took and noted the measurements which are listed below.

One of the questions we raised after doing this is how will these measurements and perhaps others in the future benefit the project? Are we just measuring for the sake of it?

Obviously the use of datums etc is a different ball game and is useful for plotting exact positions of items on the wreck if we want to produce a detailed map but as a team I feel we lack the experience to do this at this time.

Listed below are the measurements :-

Propeller bladehub to tip 2.24m width 1.04m

Top of pintle on rudder(seabed) to tip of centre stern rib 11.65m

Tip of centre stern rib to steering quadrant post 3.60m

Height of steering quadrant post 2.8m length from post to centre point of 'T bar' o-----)

Width of 'T Bar', 2.0m point to point

2.4m gun barrel tip to breech 3.2m base of mount to barrel

Friday, September 01, 2006

Profile of the Thompson

Profile from the 2nd dive on the 25th.