Monday, January 31, 2005

War Diary UB57

I am awaiting a reply to an e-mail from a researcher who I believe to have a copy of the KTB (Kriegstagebuch) or War Diary of UB-57 - This almost certainly will have an entry regarding the sinking of the Thompson, and is genuine 24-carat gold as far as information is concerned. It IS source material.

More news as it happens...

Monday, January 24, 2005

Johannes Lohs ~ Image

This photo was taken from a book entitled "Fips - Legendary U-Boat Commander" which refers to Werner Fuerbringer (centre) - The other officers are (l-r) KK Bartenbach, Hans Valentiner, Fuerbringer, Johannes Lohs (light coat) and Paul Hundius. Therefore, the central character is the only man NOT to receive the "Pour Le Merit" decoration (known to fliers as The Blue Max). These are 5 of the most important U-Boat captains of WW1... it's also one of the only other photo's of Oblt Lohs I've been able to find.

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