Saturday, May 20, 2006

Reconciling Lists - No progress!

As yet I'm not sure of the origin of Andy's Crew List, where as the list on the June 2004 archive is a CWGC Casualty List. I thought reconciling the two lists might produce a list of survivors - it didn't!! The lists are virtually identical, the ony discrepancy being in the Indian Merchant Service crew.

The CWGC casualty lists :
Ibrahim Ali - Fireman & Trimmer , and
Ali S - Fireman.
Whereas Andy's crew list only lists "Ibrahim Ali"

This clearly suggests TWO fireman both having the name of 'Ali'.

The CWGC list also lists "Abdullah, Fireman & trimmer", whereas Andy's list records "A Aboullah" . This is probably the same man.

Net result - no clearer on identifying any survivors!


TRT Crew List

There is a TRT crewlist in the June 2004 archive, but Andy has been trying so hard and he has included post, ages & places of birth to his crew list , so I'm gonna reproduce the deluxe version of the list :-

Master William S SHEWAN

First Mate: Evan NICHOLAS aged 69 Born in Mathry

Second Mate: Stanley SPAIN age 25 born Sunderland

1st Engineer: Thomas Stanley WOODALL age 34 Born Sunderland

2nd Engineer: Marshall GODFREY age 36 born Stockton-on-Tees

3rd Engineer:Thomas Lewis HARGEST age 46 born llangorse, Breconshire

Carpenter: T HENDERSON age 53 Born London

Donkeyman: C KRIPAH age 58 born in Copenhagen

Boatswain: Harry REMNANT age 38 born Epsom

Wireless Operator: Thomas TOWLER age 27 born Hunslet Yorks

Sailor : R WINBERG age 42 born Riga, Latvia

Sailor: Albert Edward Thomas DREW age 19 born Bristol

Able Seaman: A AGG age 40 Born Bristol

Able Seaman: Henry BAKER age 31 born Liverpool

Able Seaman: W SLATER age 38 born Manchester

Seaman: Charles Gowans CRAIG RNVR Service no 5710A age 22 born Montrose

Signalman: Hananiah REES RNVR Service no Wales/Z/3488

Signalman: George SIMPSON RNVR Service no Clyde Z/8685

Cook: Freddie HOWELLS age 28 Born Newport

Steward: Joshua Simeon DAVIES age 29 Born Cardiff

Messroom Steward: J YAMARE age 22 born Yamaguchi, Japan

Appentice: Sylvester COWELL age 17 born Northallerton

Apprentice: Leslie Francis JACK age 17 born Sunderland

Fireman and Trimmers: Hasan MUHAMMAD Indian Merchant Service
Ibrahim ALI Indian Merchant Service
F MUHAMMAD Indian Merchant Service
Abdul HAMID Indian Merchant Service
A ABOULLAH Indian Merchant Service
Umar MUHAMMED Indian Merchant Service

Cooks Boy: Alexander David EVELEIGH age 15 Born Barry

Quite a multinational crew!


Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Memorial to Crew Member Freddie Howells

Good research by Andy N has unearthed another memorial to a T R Thompson crew member. Way back on the blog archive (June 2004) a post lists all the crew names, one such member is listed as Frederick Howells. Well frederick is Freddie and there is a brass plaque in the Memorial Hall, West Street, Newport , Pembrokeshire that commemorates Freddie. Freddie, born in Newport, was 28 years old when he lost his life.

In the right hand column of names shown in the photo , Freddie (listed under Seaman) is the fourth named.

Well done Andy.


Sunday, May 07, 2006

TRT up to her old tricks again!

Hmmm, now it's getting hard to believe that the TRT hasn't put a jinx on any diving upon her. I have lost count of how many plans to diver her have 'failed'. And yet again a TRT dive turns out to be an utter failure! On Sunday 7th May Mako 1 made her way out to the dive site and luckily rendezvoused with another dive boat . Why "Luckily"? Well, because Mako 1's engine refused to start having arrived on site! The other dive boat had 'shot' the wreck and Mako 1's divers used that shot to descend - to nothing! They all missed the wreck! Doh ! (Again). The good news was that the other boat towed Mako 1 back to Newhaven

Another fine mess.....!!!!

Oh well, maybe next time!

Monday, May 01, 2006

TRT Dive Planned for 7th May 2006

A dive on the TRT is planned for the 7th May. Very annoyingly I won't be able to make it (there is some conspiracy with the TRT pulling every trick to prevent me diving on her!) . Fingers crossed for those that can make it that the weather will be good and the vis excellent. Photos please!