Sunday, May 07, 2006

TRT up to her old tricks again!

Hmmm, now it's getting hard to believe that the TRT hasn't put a jinx on any diving upon her. I have lost count of how many plans to diver her have 'failed'. And yet again a TRT dive turns out to be an utter failure! On Sunday 7th May Mako 1 made her way out to the dive site and luckily rendezvoused with another dive boat . Why "Luckily"? Well, because Mako 1's engine refused to start having arrived on site! The other dive boat had 'shot' the wreck and Mako 1's divers used that shot to descend - to nothing! They all missed the wreck! Doh ! (Again). The good news was that the other boat towed Mako 1 back to Newhaven

Another fine mess.....!!!!

Oh well, maybe next time!

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