Saturday, May 20, 2006

TRT Crew List

There is a TRT crewlist in the June 2004 archive, but Andy has been trying so hard and he has included post, ages & places of birth to his crew list , so I'm gonna reproduce the deluxe version of the list :-

Master William S SHEWAN

First Mate: Evan NICHOLAS aged 69 Born in Mathry

Second Mate: Stanley SPAIN age 25 born Sunderland

1st Engineer: Thomas Stanley WOODALL age 34 Born Sunderland

2nd Engineer: Marshall GODFREY age 36 born Stockton-on-Tees

3rd Engineer:Thomas Lewis HARGEST age 46 born llangorse, Breconshire

Carpenter: T HENDERSON age 53 Born London

Donkeyman: C KRIPAH age 58 born in Copenhagen

Boatswain: Harry REMNANT age 38 born Epsom

Wireless Operator: Thomas TOWLER age 27 born Hunslet Yorks

Sailor : R WINBERG age 42 born Riga, Latvia

Sailor: Albert Edward Thomas DREW age 19 born Bristol

Able Seaman: A AGG age 40 Born Bristol

Able Seaman: Henry BAKER age 31 born Liverpool

Able Seaman: W SLATER age 38 born Manchester

Seaman: Charles Gowans CRAIG RNVR Service no 5710A age 22 born Montrose

Signalman: Hananiah REES RNVR Service no Wales/Z/3488

Signalman: George SIMPSON RNVR Service no Clyde Z/8685

Cook: Freddie HOWELLS age 28 Born Newport

Steward: Joshua Simeon DAVIES age 29 Born Cardiff

Messroom Steward: J YAMARE age 22 born Yamaguchi, Japan

Appentice: Sylvester COWELL age 17 born Northallerton

Apprentice: Leslie Francis JACK age 17 born Sunderland

Fireman and Trimmers: Hasan MUHAMMAD Indian Merchant Service
Ibrahim ALI Indian Merchant Service
F MUHAMMAD Indian Merchant Service
Abdul HAMID Indian Merchant Service
A ABOULLAH Indian Merchant Service
Umar MUHAMMED Indian Merchant Service

Cooks Boy: Alexander David EVELEIGH age 15 Born Barry

Quite a multinational crew!


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