Tuesday, February 07, 2006

How the Survivors were Rescued ?

Avid blog follower, Jim H has been surfing the www again and found this little gem (well, extract from DIVE Magazine of 4/1/2003, written by Simon Volpe) :-

The TR Thompson sank so quickly that 33 of the crew were killed outright. There was a tremendous explosion and the next thing that the three survivors could recall was that they were in the water. Those on a nearby trawler heard the blast and headed it to the debris field and found the three men. The sinking occurred at 3.50am, which is probably why most of the crew perished. Many would have been trapped below, as the ship fell to the sea floor.

Check the site yourself on :-


All we need now is details of the nearby trawler, it's crew and what happened to the survivors. We could ask Simon Volpe I suppose but sometimes journalists are relucatnt to reveal the sources!

Sunday, February 05, 2006

T R Thopmson Dive 5th Feb 2006 ~ Not by us!

This little story taken from the Yorkshire Divers website from "Tom" :-

Few of us went out on Spartacat today, planning to do the TR Thompson. Vis didn't look great at the surface (coffee coloured water) and it only got worse as we descended. Hopes that it was just a surface layer and would clear as we got deeper were dashed around halfway down the line, when we met Alan (Getafix) coming back up. Not a good sign. Eventually hit bottom at 29m, in about 15cm of vis (seriously). Only stayed long enough to locate Matt and (using touch signals) indicate we should go back up.

Hmmm, gallant effort "Tom", especially in 5 Deg C of water. Do let us know when you do see something ... that said the Yorkshire Divers article went on to say that there was a net on the wreck , so do keep an eye open and take care!