Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Simplified Impression of TRT wreck layout

Clicking on this impression will enlarge it . It is a very basic what's where diagram that I hope we can add to / improve / replace as we 'map' more of the wreck.

Sunday, August 27, 2006

TRT Group Meeting 23rd August

A summary of the key points:-

1. Story so Far –
Circulate document (Chris 1st) amendments and additions using ‘track changes’
Action: Andy
Response: In hand (28/9/06)

2. Success List – Goals etc.
Action: Tad
Response: Done (presented at 27th Sept Meeting)

3. Future Meetings – Notes of meeting and agenda for each meeting
Action: Sheila
Response: Done!

4. Link to NAS website
Action: Chris
Response: NAS requested on 11th August 2006 - have advised that the link should be in place within a week.

5. Project Format – DVD, booklet etc.
Action: Tad
Response: Done - Project will aim to produce a DVD.

6. Ian Barefoot – Arrange visit
Action: Chris
Response: Ian attending the next TRT meeting on the 27th September.

7. NAS courses – Details and dates for courses (see below on Blog)
Action: Andy
Response: See existing entry on this Blog & add comments as required.

Sheila (Secty)

Impression of Deck Gun

An impression of the deck gun on the TRT drawn by Chris-P following the dives of 25th August. The gun and mounting is heavily fixed to a substantial plate / decking secton . The Plate is lying at a angle of perhaps 45 degrees . Apart from a double bollard the plate and area of the gun is unobstructed. The Barrel of the gun was measured to be 3.2 metres long.

Some TRT Images (taken 25/8/06)

Hatch (foreward of Midships)

'Pump' & Railing (near midships)

Muzzle of Gun (near stern)

Double Dive on the TRT ~ 25th August

The TRT Group undertook two dives from Nauticat. Departing from Brighton at 6am with the fist dive on a low tide at 7am. The second dive took place on the later high tide giving us a very long seaborne surface interval . The first dive was dark due to a low sun and low viz. Photography was very limited and the plan to measure some dimensions was itself wrecked! The second dive was deeper and therefore shorter. Being a little lighter some measurements were taken and more camera shots attempted. After the dive the immediate 'findings' were reviewed over a Harvey's at the Badgers watch. A simple lay out sketch was produced and measurements considered. More info to follow!

Thursday, August 24, 2006

T R T Dives ~ 25th August 6am Sharp

Info from Sara B , the Thompson dives for 25th are "ON". Boat leaves Brighton Marina at 6 am sharp. Oh that's early! It had better be good!

NAS Introductory Training ~ Names Here !!

The NAS Introductory course is planned for Saturday 21st October . Cost £45.00 If you are interested in doing this course add a comment!

1. Andy N
2. Tracey M
3. Chris P

TRT Group Meeting 23rd August - Use of Blog

Special welcome to three new blog members , who have 'passed' the technology test and accepted invites to join the TRT blog:-

Shiela & Ernie
Tracey & Andy

Welcome aboard!

Friday, August 18, 2006

TRT Dives Planned for 25th August 2006

Two dives are planned on the TRT . Diving from Nauticat , launching from Brighton. Fingers crossed for good weather & viz!