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The Barry Dock and Engineering Co. Limited 1891

The Barry Dock And Engineering Co., Limited(INCORPORATED UNDER THE COMPANIES ACT) CAPITAL, £ 110,000, in 11,000 £10 Shares of which 10,000 have been issued and fully paid up, and the remaining shares are unallotted and reserved for future requirements. DEBENTURES, £50,000, bearing interest at the rate of 41/2per cent. Per annum, having been subscribed for.
The UNDERTAKING consists of a Graving Dock, with all its equipment, at Barry, constructed on about 4 1/2 acres of land, which has been leased to the Company by the Barry Dock and Railways Company, for the term of 99 years, at a ground rent of £750 per annum. The DOCK is one of the largest in Great Britain, being 732 feet in length and 113 feet 7 inches in width, with a width at the entrance of 60 feet, and can be divided by means of a caisson into two parts, so that four or more ships can be accommodated at once.
The UNDERTAKING is equipped in the most complete manner with large and substantial repairing and fitting shops, with all the most modem and efficient machinery, so as to enable the company to carry on every branch of Shipbuilding, Shiprepairing, and Foundry Work under conditions unsurpassed by any similar Company. The only Graving Dock accommodation yet provided for the shipping frequenting Barry is that provided by this Company.
The Directors are the sole holders of four fifths of the shares issued, and they are under covenant neither directly or indirectly to interest themselves in any similar undertaking in Barry. Mortgage Debentures have been issued upon the Undertaking to the extent of £50,000, bearing interest at the rate of 41/2per cent. Per annum
Directors :
T.R.THOMPSON, Shipowner, Cardiff
L. WOOD. Colliery Proprietor, Cardiff.
E.C.BREGEON, Shipowner, Cardiff.
J.R.CHRISTIE. Shipowner, Cardiff,
L. GUERET. Shipowner, Cardiff.
EDMUND HANDCOCK, Shipowner, Cardiff.
THOMAS MOREL, J.P. Shipowner, Cardiff.
JAMES WARE, J.P. Shipowner, Cardiff.
JOHN GUTHRIE, LP. Shipowner, Cardiff.
MARK MORDEY, Ship and Dry Dock Owner, Newport.
SolicitorsMessrs. DOWNING & HANDCOCK, Cardiff
Barry Dock.General ManagerJOHN LOWDON,
C.E First Published In : Barry Dock & Time Table Year BookCompiled by Lewis Lewis 1891


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