Monday, May 01, 2006

TRT Dive Planned for 7th May 2006

A dive on the TRT is planned for the 7th May. Very annoyingly I won't be able to make it (there is some conspiracy with the TRT pulling every trick to prevent me diving on her!) . Fingers crossed for those that can make it that the weather will be good and the vis excellent. Photos please!



The Fish Tickler said...

Gonna try to dive it tomorrow, all things being equal, actually i think they will have to be biased my way quite a lot!!. Anyway I digress, I found another crew member, unfortunately another that perished 29/03/1918. He was Seaman Freddie Howells, aged 28 born in Newport.He and his ship are mentioned on a brass plaque in the memorial hall in Newport

Chris-P said...

Excellent stuff! I hope that you will be able to give details of the loaction & a photo! Anything from local records in newport would be a real bonus!