Saturday, May 20, 2006

Reconciling Lists - No progress!

As yet I'm not sure of the origin of Andy's Crew List, where as the list on the June 2004 archive is a CWGC Casualty List. I thought reconciling the two lists might produce a list of survivors - it didn't!! The lists are virtually identical, the ony discrepancy being in the Indian Merchant Service crew.

The CWGC casualty lists :
Ibrahim Ali - Fireman & Trimmer , and
Ali S - Fireman.
Whereas Andy's crew list only lists "Ibrahim Ali"

This clearly suggests TWO fireman both having the name of 'Ali'.

The CWGC list also lists "Abdullah, Fireman & trimmer", whereas Andy's list records "A Aboullah" . This is probably the same man.

Net result - no clearer on identifying any survivors!



Robinmerlot said...

On researching our family tree, we were having real problems finding the death of our family "black sheep" Elijah Alexander, born 29th March 1882 in Lambourn, Berkshire. We were told that he was dead by about 1925, so I ended up checking the death records for every quarter between 1911 (when he appears on a census) and 1930, and only came up with one possible death record for an Alexander with no christian name. I sent for the death certificate, and it claims that this Mr Alexander was a fireman on the SS T.R.Thompson, and died on the 29th March 1918 when the ship was sunk off Beachy Head. Could this be an additional name for your crew list archive? Could anyone help me decide whether this is Elijah Alexander, or someone else?

Chris-P said...


Many thanks for your comment! You have undertaken a great deal of research , and I'm glad your work has brought you to this blog. Will check what information we have and get back to you. As you can (now) see, comments go through the moderator to be accepted or not. If you 'd like to put your email address on another comment it won't show on the blog but it will make comms easier!