Friday, May 14, 2004

She's no. 52 in the 100 Best Wrecks rated by DIVERNET (from Diver Magazine)

100 Best Wrecks 51-60 - DIVERNET from Diver Magazine: "52 T R THOMPSON
3538-ton cargo steamer, built 1897. 360ft x 47ft. Armed with 4.7in gun on stern. 301hp triple expansion engines. Cargo: 5600 tons iron ore, Algeria to Middlesbrough. Position: 50 40.17N; 00 05.63E. Depth: 30m.
Sunk: 29 March, 1918, by single torpedo from UB-57. Three saved from crew of 36.
Diving: Superstructure collapsed. Highest point stern, stands upright and 14m proud. Big break amidships. Gun fallen into wreckage. Shellcases nearby. Sand encroaching. Bell recovered by Bromley BSAC in 1989.
Launch: Newhaven."

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