Saturday, May 29, 2004

Research Topics

This is the current list of ideas for research - if you are interested in taking up one of the leads let Chris P know. Some of these seem a liitle cryptic , if you need some more info just ask!

1 Research / Locate : Iron Ore (Cargo on TRT)

2 Research links with Middlesborough (Destination for TRT/Cargo)

3 Research Type of Torpedo ( Volunteer: Simon W)

4 Research Submarine UB57 ( Volunteer: Simon W)

5 Research TRT Deck Gun

6 Locate / Photo Shell cases (on wreck)

7 Research naming of ship (Volunteer: Simon W)

8 Research Literature “History of the Barry Railway Company 1921-24” (Refers to T R

9 Research Ownerhsip of TRT

10 Organise (dive) Trip & Drink at the Pub “The Admiral Inn” (Owned by the Thompsons)

11 Research story of the wreck of the “Drummond Castle” (Thompson relatives on board)

12 Photos of T R Thompson memorial (Wales) IF this is the owner / person the ship is
named after.

13 Research Familiy connections (if any) between TRT Owner & the Captain of the TRT

14 Research George Short (Ship Builder)

15 Research James Westoll, Ship Owner.

16 Research launch – local newspapers?

17 Research Financial records?

18 Research “Claxhueugh” (Ship Yard?)

19 Research Wear Shipbuilders Association

20 Research “Pallion” (Ship Yard? )

21 Research Wear Ship Output 1984

22 Research UB57 Commander Lohs ( Volunteer: Simon W / Mike D)

23 Get Photos of the bell

24 Research Beni Saf, Near Oran, Algeria (Port at which Cargo loaded)

25 Identify TRT Lookout (crew).

26 Research TRT Captain Eggleston (link tp Action 13 above)

27 Identify Survivors /descendants.

28 Identify / Research Patrol Vessel / Crew that came to aid of TRT Crew.

29 Trace & Interview , get copy of original article regarding fist recreational dive on

30 Locate other memorials , grave stones (buried locally?)

31 Research Victim / family/ Memorial – photos.

32 Research Register of Shipping & seamen

33 Identify subjects depicted within dive photos

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