Thursday, May 20, 2004

Marina Training ~ 20th May

An interesting exploratory session! Alex, Alan, Ernie , Sheila, Rob, Debs & Sara took part in the 'exercise' with Chris D & Chris P. The plan was simple and that's where we parted company with simplicity!

The object of the exercise was to measure a gulley between two points - easy? Apparently not! A line (replicating a shot line) lead to the gulley ('replicating' a wreck!) the task was to measure the distance between the 'shot line' and a marker along the gulley. Three 'teams' tried the exercise, and only ONE team came back with a measurement ay all!! Well done the 'A' Team! Provisional learning points:-

a). Don't break buddy pairs (a basic rule reinforced!!)
b). Treat the measure like you would a line/reel.
c). Don't assume when you reach the bottom of the shot line you will be properly orientated!
d). Don't expect impressive results quickly!

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