Thursday, May 01, 2008

Relatives Contacts 2 & 3

I have just got off the phone from a relative of two of the survivors of the T R Thompson sinking after the BBC had forwarded the family details to Meridian Divers.

The relatives Great Grand Father and Great Great Grand Father both managed to escape the ship along with one other crew member as the ship went down. They survived by holding on the part of the wreckage that was left floating after the ship was sunk and were saved by a trawler who arrived on the scene later.

I have put this relative in contact with our other original contact and will be speaking to him again in a few days time.

I now have also been in contact with a gentleman who has written a book on the Westoll Line and happens to know everything there is to know about the company and its ships including the T.R.Thompson and also has personal commections with the company.

It is also happens that next week I am at a meeting in Leicestershire 3 miles from where this gentleman lives so have made arrangements to visit him. Will feed back afterwards.

The project is growing by the day.


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Chris-P said...

Hi Tad , good work. The relatives story fits in with the report on th eposting of 7th Feb 2006 (or follow the 'survivors' label link. The pieces are coming together. As the grave of Fireman Ali is the only grave we have located I wonder if Ali was one of the three rescued but maybe he didn't survive long after rescue?