Sunday, April 29, 2007

T R Thompson Dive Sunday 29th April 2007

Four Merdian Divers dived the wreck of the TRT making the best use of the unexpected April sunshine . The dive was conducted on a high tide and was courtesy of "MacD" of Newhaven Divers Limited. Water temperature was 11 Deg C and one buddy pair , who reamined on the 'deck' area near the stern reached a maximum depth of 28.7 metres with total dive time (on air) of 32minutes.

The viz was probably 2 to 3 meters , which was a little less than we expected and it was quite gloomy due to plankton filtering out much of the light. Our perfectly placed shot line lead us directly to the exposed ribs on the port side of the stern from where we quickly located the Steering Quadrant. We made our way towards the bow using the port gunwhale as a guide but veered of to the centre line of the ship before the boilers to see the large 'twin' winch and what I believe is a spare propellor blade. A hunt for the ships gun proved fruitless in the viz and we made our way back to the vicinity of the Steering Quadrant to lanch the DSMB. It was a good practice run for the videography which in better conditions should produce good results.

After the dive the usual divers refreshments were taken in the Coral Cabin whilst viewing the video 'footage'. Later in the 'garden' (huh, some garden !) it was good to meet up with some other dive buddies and catch-up on the local diving news.


El Rev said...

wot no pics? any videos up on YouTube yet?

Chris-P said...

I know , it's a disgrace! No pics! We had a little chat about 'How to...' and also concluded that YouTube would probably be the way forward with a link from the blog. That said 'Plankton virtually stopped play'. The video support team (!) will have to sort this out, may be grabbing a still or two , or taking more 'footage' later!