Saturday, November 11, 2006

Project Meeting ~ 25th October

9 Members attended the meeting. Sheila (Hon Sec) has produced & circulated the notes. Key points of which are given here:-

Visit to Public Records Office (Kew). Andy is organising a day trip to Kew on Wednesday 6th December
Update 29/11/06 - 6th Dec trip cancelled due to numbers , to be re-arranged!

NAS Course Feedback. Andy , Tracey & Chris attended the NAS Introductory Course and said they found it interesting & informative. TRT Group members who have not attended are recommended to do so!

Accounts. It was decided to open a bank account for the Group in the name of Meridian Divers (in recognition that the Groups interest were wider than the current project (TRT).

Dive Boat. Alan announced that MacD , the brand new diving RIB was now up & running. This should allow us to more readily pursue project dives.


Jimbob said...

Thank you Sheila and Chris.
I can't make the Kew trip as I've used up my days off at work. Hope it goes well. When is the next meeting?

Chris-P said...

Jim, as per the last notes , "It was agreed that we would have a ‘Christmas dinner’ at the next meeting which will be on Wednesday 20 December 2006" I don't think this will be a working meeting ;-0