Sunday, August 27, 2006

TRT Group Meeting 23rd August

A summary of the key points:-

1. Story so Far –
Circulate document (Chris 1st) amendments and additions using ‘track changes’
Action: Andy
Response: In hand (28/9/06)

2. Success List – Goals etc.
Action: Tad
Response: Done (presented at 27th Sept Meeting)

3. Future Meetings – Notes of meeting and agenda for each meeting
Action: Sheila
Response: Done!

4. Link to NAS website
Action: Chris
Response: NAS requested on 11th August 2006 - have advised that the link should be in place within a week.

5. Project Format – DVD, booklet etc.
Action: Tad
Response: Done - Project will aim to produce a DVD.

6. Ian Barefoot – Arrange visit
Action: Chris
Response: Ian attending the next TRT meeting on the 27th September.

7. NAS courses – Details and dates for courses (see below on Blog)
Action: Andy
Response: See existing entry on this Blog & add comments as required.

Sheila (Secty)


El Rev said...

nice to see this place seething with activity. good job, all

Anonymous said...

I'm always seething, well either seething or fretting.

Anonymous said...

Seething & fretting are all very well but some responding would also be quite nice - several actions outstanding from the last meeting and not too long before the next!!!! 11/9/06

Anonymous said...

Still time to update this blog with progress from the last TRT meeting !!