Saturday, June 24, 2006

TRT Dived ~ 24th June 2006

Not too much to report but even getting a dive on the TRT is a little unusual for me! Thanks to the Skipper of "Fizzing" I managed to take part in a 32.6m dive on the wreck. The viz was good at 5 to 6 metres, but the depth reduced the total dive time to 26 minutes. Short & sweet. The descent line lay a midships on the starboard side. We mad our way along the hull to the stern dropping down to get a good view of the rudder & prop. Returning to deck level on the port side we looked for the gun but could not locate it. We did spot the spare propeller (blade) on the deck area and the remains of the three bar railings. Plenty of Bib and a few large edible crabs. A very nice (if short) dive. No new info to report. No cameras taken - what a pity!!!


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