Sunday, July 03, 2005

Another TRT Dive Cancelled!

The TRT project dive planned for Sat 2 July was cancelled due to strong SW winds! The project team are now proposing a TRT dive on Sun 31st July , meeting at 12 midday. Third time lucky ?


Anonymous said...

After a fair amount of passive research my findings are that; 1.this wreck does not exist.'s rumoured exsistence is a ruse designed to ensure I spend my weekends driving around East Sussex with a boot full of dessicating dive gear.
3.I believe the whole project is designed to lend credibility to a campaign to increase transport infrastructure around Newhaven.
4.the identity of the conspirators is a mystery, but I am deeply suspicious of anyone who has a business in Newhaven or who has recently bought a property there.
5.I am looking forward to being proved wrong on all counts.

Chris-P said...


Methinks you may have some sort of point here!

I get the impression that you may have turned-up at NSC expecting to dive the TRT! A simple mistake but one that a man of your experience should no longer be making! You should have long ago learnt that "Diving the TRT" is a parlour game (not dissimilar to Mornington Crescent) in which the whole game is unashamedly fabricated and has no basis in reality. No one has dived the TRT and if they say they have they must still be narked from another dive. If the TRT really was a project we would obvioulsy dived it by now.