Tuesday, February 22, 2005

War Diary UB57

Here are the relevant entries from the KTB. The note in the column at the top of the right hand page which names the Thompson was anotated in 1940 (or so it says) - the formula that starts "T.E" seems to be a ranging calculation for the torpedo attack. Posted by Hello

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To explain the anotation: ultimately, someone had to compare the sinking claims in KTBs to Allied and neutral losses to determine which attacks were succesful/what ship was sunk or damaged. With 6,500 ships sunk by U-boat in WWI, wasn't a trivial task. This was done by the Germans in preparing their official history of the submarine war in five volumes, Handlekrieg Mit U-Booten by Admiral Arno Spindler. The work on volume five, which covers the year 1918, was only begun about 1940. The note you see is by Spindler identifing the ship sunk by Lohs 22 years earlier.

It would was not until 1966 that volume five was published, so for nearly half a century there was no information available on which submarine was reasonsible for many late war sinkings! Spindler also rejected many of the British sinking claims for various U-boats that had been commonly accepted since 1918. For this reason, you should never rely on older works on late war U-boat fates.