Friday, June 04, 2004

Ships Owners ~ Westoll Line

Been doing some more research to while away the hours and annoy the wife... seems we might possibly be woofing up some incorrect timber with our old mate Mr Thompson.

I found a copy of "Lloyds Shipwreck Index Of The British Isles Vol 2 - Hampshire, IOW, Sussex & Kent" sitting in Newhaven library... now it's Lloyds list-based so it ought to be legit and at £54 a copy I'd trust it!

T'book says she was owned by Westoll Line (not Thompsons) and that the Captain was one Thomas Knill.

Further to this it says that the gun was a 12 pdr 12 cwt (info here: )

Plus, and this is the bit that really gave me some hope that we might get some cracking information... A lot of J Westoll's information and Short books and plans seem to be stored on Tyneside...

And it seems we need Guides 5 and 6 to really get cracking on... 'cos there's crew lists and all sorts of stuff!

Who's been a Busy Hector then?

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